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$200+CC FEE $7.65


Profile to include selection of and uploading professional headshot, as needed

B.         Creation of and/or update content and uploading profile header, name, headline,

            industry, location(s)

C.         Upload/and or update contact information, website links, customized LinkedIn url

D.         Creation of and/or update Summary script and upload

E.         Creation of and/or update work experience "current" to "last"

F.         Creation of and/or upload education and organizations, affiliations

G.        Provide mention and/or update any certifications descriptions, patents, etc.

H.        Provide mention and/or update any affiliations, awards

I.          Provide mention and/or update publications

J.          Provide mention and/or update paragraphed description of any special interest beyond

             work experience

K.         List and/or update up to 5 work opportunities you are seeking

L.         List and/or update up to 5 causes you care about

M.        List and/or update up to 5 organization’s you support

N.        Edits and or revisions = 5

O.        Communication and revision should be requested in writing

P.         Key word optimization- Deploy the metrics in LinkedIn’s algorithms and Google Keyword

            planner for proper optimization.

Q.        Invoke the semantic search theory to determine the type key words recruiters use to

identify individuals with your talent and include them throughout the profile as the key

words ATS has been programmed to look for


Your profile draft is completed within 72 hours from receipt of payment

Benefits + Results

  • Increase rank in search on LinkedIn and Google search


  • F.T. Consulting provides virtual support for these deliverables
  • F.T. Consulting will respond to any client communication within 3 to 4 hours.
  • F. Thomas Consulting conducts business during normal business hours 8:30AM-5:30PM
  • Any communication received prior to 8:30AM will be responded to that day after 8:30AM.
  • Any communication received after 5:30PM will be responded to the next business day.


  • Item #: spec-price-LinkedIn-profile


Price: $207.65
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