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LinkedIn Profile Creation Service - $300.00 Paperback These Entrepreneurs NYC
LinkedIn Profile Creation Service - $300.00Paperback These Entrepreneurs NYC

Fee for service - $300+13.00 Credit Card Fee Uploading profile header, name, headline, industry, location(s) Upload/and create contact information, website links, customized LinkedIn url Add Summary- summary creation Create work experience "current"...

 These Entrepreneurs NYC shares the stories of self-discovery, focus, and determination of thirty-one New York City business owners



Resume and cover letter Resume Service-Standard
Resume and cover letter Resume Service-Standard
PLUS CREDIT CARD FEE $9.63 Total = $334.63

Deliverables and fees: Resume writing service fee = $300+$13.00 credit card fee TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $309.00 Link to resume interview questionnaire Sample resume formats - choose one Draft - received in 72 hours Up to 5 requested revisions Refine -...



Self-Publishing Manuscript powerful insights from business owners living in NYC
Self-Publishing ManuscripteBook-These Entrepreneurs NYC

 This 126 page eBook shares the stories of determination and self discovery of thirty-one New York City business owners.



A start-to-finish practical guide to realizing your entrepreneurial dreams. Hard copy "Starting Your Own Business"
eBook"Starting Your Own Business"Hard copy "Starting Your Own Business"

This is a 35 page eBook, size 8x11, an immediate access download. After purchasing, you will receive a email with download instructions.

 Hard copy ships via USPS same day or within 24 hours.



STRATEGIC-GROWTH-PLAN-FredaThomas-All_Rights_Reserved How to Sell Products and Services to the Buyer Persona
STRATEGIC-GROWTH-PLAN-FredaThomas-All_Rights_ReservedHow to Sell Products and Services to the Buyer Persona

This program can help you resolve any business performance challenge. Release date April 24, 2015

This program, “How to Sell Products and Services to the Buyer Persona”© has 137 functionalities to help you achieve long-term sustainable success. The program includes the following: 




“This is an enjoyable, easily digestible read. This book not only shares the stories of these entrepreneurs but also reflects their lives honestly and holistically. Not an easy task. The takeaway pages are awesome. I would literally pull it out of the book and post them on my door, desk, frig or where ever.” Karen Kellman, NYC

"NYC is filled with awesome entrepreneurs. This book finds and profiles some of the gems. If you want to be inspired and read up on symbols of entrepreneurial success - this book is a must read." Ramon Ray-Publisher, Smart Hustle Magazine - March 17, 2015

 "Motivation is that spurt of energy from task to task; Inspiration is that long-term desire and vision of accomplishment shared by others that have traveled your path and prove that your journey can be completed. These Entrepreneurs NYC is that inspiration!" William McNeal, Leadership TEC- March 19, 2015

 “Freda L. Thomas is a rising star in Business Management. Her new book "Starting Your Own Business" has much needed information for the aspiring entrepreneur. In today's economy, Freda offers alternatives to people who want to learn how to be business owners as a way of earning a living in today's market. Start by buying her book and then take advantage of this wise business consultant to guide you through to achieving your goals.” Hyacinth Graham - January 12, 2012

 “Starting a business is exhilarating, frustrating, confounding and fun all at the same time.  The best way to prepare yourself for the roller coaster ride is to find a steady person willing to take the ride with you.  With a mixture of business savvy, insightfulness and compassion, Freda Thomas is THE person to guide you through the ups and downs of owning your own business.  This valuable guide and workbook is certain to help you manage the challenges associated with launching and staring your own business.” –Maureen Fairlie, President Snappy Solutions, Inc.

 “Need to get your business off the ground with less trial and error? Freda is a pro at helping you understand the mechanics and philosophy of business development.  Great information for aspiring business owners.” – Crystal Cotton, President, Crystal Clear Connextions, LLC